Proactive Services


The Cyber Defense Labs Proactive Services Team brings guidance and stability to organizations facing today’s difficult cybersecurity challenges. 

The Proactive Team includes former intelligence executives, experienced information security strategists, and certified technical cybersecurity and business continuity experts.   

The Cyber Defense Labs strategic and tactical approach to improving and testing an organization’s cybersecurity posture combines industry best practices across the public, private and defense sectors.  Cyber Defense Labs leverages that expertise to create secure network environments and resilient cybersecurity programs that ensure data security, productivity and continuity of business operations that align with compliance requirements. 

Our experts have built resilient information security programs for hundreds of organizations across all business verticals and sectors, including Financial Services, Defense, Healthcare, Manufacturing and more. 

Ultimately, we exist to partner with your organization to help reduce your business risks, prioritize your security services investment strategy and increase effectiveness of resource allocation. We strive to continually enhance the confidence your company and your board need to function through a proactive security strategy driven by business goals.

Service Areas: 


1. Cyber Posture Maturity and Risk Advisory

2. Compliance and Audit Readiness

3. Technical Risk Assessments

  As the cyber threat grows exponentially, organizations of all sizes and across all verticals must continually evolve and test the protections and cyber defenses of their most critical and valued assets. Whether it be ransomware, intellectual property theft, personal data theft, email compromise leading to financial losses, denial of services or worse, every single organization with an online presence is now a potential victim of a cyber attack. 

The Cyber Defense Labs Proactive Team guides and tests your people, processes and technologies to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your most valued data.

Delivering On Our Values

The need for organizations to protect their information has grown exponentially due to recent technological advances. With the increase in data threats and recent causalities, there is a demand for proactive assurance about the security of data for all involved parties.

We believe that every organization is unique and therefore requires a tailored solution to their cyber needs. With deep expertise in securing economies and large enterprises, and a detailed understanding of the evolving threat landscape, we have developed a proactive resilience framework that encompasses the total life-cycle of our clients' cyber journeys. 

The premise ingrained within this framework is to ensure our clients’ business continuity, protect their digital footprint, and enable a heightened maturity of security posture and organizational resilience. We partner with and advise our clients throughout their unique journey to thrive in the present and future digital economy.


Cyber Defense Labs' Proactive Process

"Empowering Proactive Resilience"

Cyber Defense Labs has developed the following tailored, phased approach, to assist any organization in improving their cyber maturity:


  • We understand your organization’s current risk profile, assets, strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, threats, partners, regulatory obligations and security program investments by leveraging various intelligence sources and embedding ourselves within the organization. 
  • We baseline the current controls environment, across operational and risk management capabilities through threat modeling, interactive sessions and exercises, gaining powerful insights into the organization’s current and desired future state.


  • We deliver an action-based implementation roadmap of the cyber enhancements required to ensure the desired state is achieved. 
  • We take transformative action, based upon the defined recommendations.


  • After the security transformation is implemented and finalized, it is crucial to create an environment of ongoing cybersecurity maintenance, testing and governance. 
  • We provide on-going advisory and governance support that is focused on three critical domains: the data-domain, access-domain, and security-operations-domain. This focus enables organizations to ensure cyber resilience while maintaining full visibility across all domains.

Posture Maturity and Risk Advisory


Compliance and Audit Readiness


Technical Risk Assessments

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing