Education & Training


Cyber Defense Labs is involved in training the next generation of cyber warriors by developing and delivering STEM and cyber security curriculum to K-12, junior colleges, and university students.

Working to develop a state-of-the-art Cyber Security Center in Texas for:

  • R&D for commercially cyber products
  • Techniques for teaching STEM and cyber security
  • Security Operations Center for Big Data analysis and Managed Services
  • Educate K-12 and college students
  • Training for professionals
  • Training for educators to help better teach STEM subjects
  • Incubator with facilities, resources, mentoring, and support for start-up and emerging companies

Research and Development

 Cyber Defense Labs performs applied cyber security related research and development and has a unique relationship with the University of North Texas. We are affiliated with the university’s Cyber Forensics Lab and Department of Criminal Justice and have access to the full depth and breadth of the university’s faculty, students, and lab facilities to solve practical problems. 

CDL’s focus does not include long-term fundamental research normally associated with universities. Instead, CDL conducts highly focused research to solve a particular problem while producing a functional prototype on a much shorter timeline.

Does your organization need research and development?

Anyone who has a problem that cannot be effectively solved by currently available technologies or products may need R&D.  In some cases, modification of an existing technology or product is all that is required to solve a particular problem.

Stages of our research and development process:

  • Initial Meeting – CDL meets with the client and listens to their description of the problem or need.
  • Problem Definition – CDL describes to the client what is required to solve the problem, define the goal of the research, and to ensure there is a clear understanding of the problem.
  • Literature Search – CDL performs careful search of science, engineering, and trade publications to see if a solution to the problem is already known or available.
  • Research Proposal – After doing the necessary due diligence, CDL proposes a preliminary path to a solution along with the associated costs and time line.
  • Research and Development – Upon proposal acceptance, CDL gathers resources and researchers to work on a solution including development of a prototype.
  • Deliver Solution – CDL delivers the solution to the customer